INEO’s founders have a solid governance and investment background and clear ethical values that guide us in our relationship with our clients.

About Us

We have been dedicated for more than ten years in developing expertise and knowledge focused on Single Family Offices.

Ineo is committed to making families protagonists in managing their wealth. We believe this is the only way to safeguard that each family´s objectives are pursued in the long term in a sustainable way and with total alignment of interests.

Our Team

Our team has shared values and complementary skills, adding a solid governance and investment background to the experience of working only with business families. We know that each family is unique.

  • Antonio Azevedo
    Antonio Azevedo Managing Partner

    AFA has more than 10 years experience helping families set up their single family office. Antonio is currently a board member of two family offices and an investment committee member of five single family offices. Antonio worked previously as fund manager and M&A advisor for financial institutions.

  • Marcelo Geyer Ehlers
    Marcelo Geyer Ehlers Managing Partner

    Marcelo Geyer Ehlers dedicated years of his career leading process improvement projects in family business. He was a member of the board at Instituto Sucessor, before working as a project manager at the same firm, which is a reference in Brazil in family governance. Currently Marcelo is dedicated to structure Single Family Offices and is member of boards and committees.

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