Three fundamental concepts in the pursuit for maintaining family wealth

Investor Family, Family Office and Wealth Governance are key concepts for families who wish to perpetuate equity for future generations.

What family offices can learn from endowments

Endowments are an independent, long-term source of income that benefits multiple generations and can serve as a model for Family Offices.

The individual, the family and multiple possibilities

Many opportunities surround members of Investor Families and Entrepreneurial Families, which should be used in favor of family success for different generations.

ESG & Impact Investing

A new concept in the world of investments

In our series on Impact Investments and ESG factors, we present how these new concepts are shaping the investor portfolios.

The false dichotomy between sustainable investment and profitable investment

Investments with positive social or environmental impact can also be profitable and sustainable in the long run. Read more in the second article from our series.


Wendel Family: A reinvention case of a successful investor family

The Wendel family has been part of the history of France for more than three centuries and was able to overcome adversities generation after generation.


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